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 Hello everyone, I'm Elly!

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PostSubject: Hello everyone, I'm Elly!   Sat Jan 29, 2011 6:55 am

Hello, Sherlock fans!

My name is Elly! (I actually want to change my name to Sherlock...All my friends call me Sherlock already, so it would make sense ;P)

As a typical Sherlock fan, I like to dress up as Sherlock Holmes and run around London like a lunatic with my boyfriend dressed as John Watson. (Yes, boyfriend. I am obsessed with Sherlock Holmes and John Watson being in love/ a couple...It's so hot and lovely.)

I write a lot of fanfiction about Sherlock and John being together, since it is really ALL I think about. (If you do not like the Sherlock/John pairing, it's totally fine and I still want to be your friend! I just won't talk about it! Smile )

I must mention that I am absolutely obsessed with Benedict Cumberbatch now! He is so damn beautiful, the most beautiful man in the WORLD. Him and Martin Freeman make a perfect couple. Martin is just so ADORABLE. (And hot.)

I would really love to make friends on here Very Happy I'm lovely really ;P and it would be awesome to have people to talk to about Sherlock-related things!

Thank you for reading this, everyone!<3
(If you want to find me on facebook, my name is 'Elly Sherlock Brown' Add me! Smile )

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helping Molly in the lab
helping Molly in the lab

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PostSubject: Re: Hello everyone, I'm Elly!   Mon Jan 31, 2011 7:27 pm

Hello Elly, I'm Katie Smile Although I enjoy Sherlock and Watson as a more bromantic couple I do enjoy a cutsey slash fanfic every now and then. and awesome having a boyfriend to be your watson!! still looking for my own, though I wouldn't mind finding myself a sherlock either... especially if it was Benedict Cumberbatch Wink
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Hello everyone, I'm Elly!
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